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Online Genius is a technology-based solution that provides access to the highest quality data and the most current information available. Access to our database is strictly limited to only the following industries, Private Investigation, Asset Recovery, and law enforcement community. 


Credit Headers

Are you looking to confirm individual information based on SSN, address, employment, and or phone number?

Cell Phone Pinging

Online Genius can locate any phone on any network within North America by sending a signal using our patented software to request is GPS location.


Finding someone has never been easier. Use broad information, like an address or specific criteria, like a social security number, and receive possible record matches. Continuing your search is easy and efficient with our proprietary linking strategies.

Automotive Key Code

We are able to secure automotive key codes for any make or model dating back as far as 1980.

Employment Background Checks

We can complete background checks to verify employment, criminal history, or and personal character. These checks can be completed electronically and or in-person depending on our clients needs.

Trusted Partner Law Enforcement

Online Genius provides law enforcement with critical data for crime and criminal investigations that helps solve crimes and protect communities.

Databases Connected

Mobile App Users


Targets Located

#1 Data Intelligence Provider Powering Multiple Industries

Asset Recovery & Collections

Find your target individual in seconds not hours with using Online Genius.

Licensed Investigators

Get the information to find people, uncover assets, and learn more about a case.

Law Enforcement

No matter what type of crimes your organization deals with, get the data you need to solve cases.

Largest Data Mining Organization In

the Tri-State Area

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Jhon Smith, CEO @ Labib Digital Studio

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Jhon Smith, CEO @ Labib Digital Studio

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What’s Happening / News Releases

Signed Agreement With Advance Technology

Online Genius News Center Dunmore, Pennsylvania 11/02/20We are happy to announce we have signed an agreement with Advanced Technology Group to provide them access to our cellular pinging software for a period of one year. Advanced Technology provides ignition...

Trap Line Themes Added

Online Genius News Center You can provide targets with tracking numbers to make answering calls back quick and easy. Provide your targets with flower delivery service call back number and have real time data when they call back. Dunmore, Pennsylvania /We are happy to...

NJ state police

Online Genius News Center Trenton, New JerseyWe are happy to announce we have a contract with the New Jersey State Police Intelligence & Criminal Enterprise Section. They will be testing the site before going statewide with the program in early of 2021. They have...

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