Online Genius

Online Food Ordering System
For Restaurants

Fast, Reliable, & Affordable

With our online food ordering system, restaurants can easily take food orders directly from your website and or Facebook page. Our clients have found numerous benefits to offering online ordering which includes the following:

– 30%+ increase in business

– 45% of orders completed online

– Lower payroll expenses

– 24-hour ordering available

– excellent reporting




Making ordering simply with Facebook migration

For those clients who almost never leave Facebook, you can easily add the ordering button on your business page as well.

Your brand new online menu opens up nicely from the menu tab or Shop Now button.

Facebook Marketing:

We will teach you and your staff on how to use Facebook for the most potential. By targeting your post audience you can ensure you get the most for your money while increasing business. Making offers, boosting posts and launching Facebook offers is all easy to learn during your training session.


Receive and confirm orders from your smartphone or tablet

Get all your restaurant’s online orders in one place with the order taking app.

When an order is placed on your website, Facebook or mobile app, you get it instantly pushed to an Android or iOS device. Don’t worry if you don’t respond our system will automatically notify you by text and automated phone call.


Our system is designed to notifiy you by email and by mobile app once someone places an order. We have intergrated our fully functional GeniusVOC providing our clients will customer surveys making your customers have a voice.






Real time order confirmation

After placing an order, your client holds the line for the next 3 minutes,
just enough time for you to confirm the pickup or delivery.

No busy phone lines or misheard orders.
Just you, your clients and a clean & intuitive interface that serves both parties.